Customer scenarios

When you book Rascals you get Rascals!!!

We wont send people on our behalf to do the work for us ,We LOVE what we do and want to feel a part of the party, We don’t use third party companies to supply the goods for us , everything we do is in house. what does that mean to you? why should you care?………….

If you book from company A and they use company B to provide one of your services and then company C do the other , someone has an accident with one of company B’s equipment who is liable? initially you would go to company A as you booked the party with them, but then company A has to go through company B’s insurance which would mean company B in theory suing company A just so that you can get your answer/claim. This can take months even years to come to a conclusion.

Another scenario you book company A for a package, they then have to check company B,C,D and whoever else they use to see if their available to make your chosen package complete. If one of them are not available then you have a problem as you cant get the package that was advertised, also another way of thinking is what if the package you book is available but company C is late? or doesn’t turn up ?


If we cant fulfill a package we Will offer details of competitors , why? simple we wouldn’t want your party not going ahead because we cant provide something, and their is enough work around for all off us.