Charities and Fundraisers

We receive dozens of requests from charities each week to provide free or discounted inflatables, facepainting and so on . Obviously, if we supported every charity that we received a request from with a free service, we would soon go out of business, so it’s not economically viable for us to help everyone.

Each year, we support several local charities and good causes that are either close to our hearts or we feel deserve our help. We select these ourselves and they are usually chosen because we like to do our bit for a good cause. However much we’d love to help your charity or good cause, it just isn’t possible to help everyone.

We have to take into account a few things , staff wages, fuel costs ,vehicle maintenance, insurance, actual product that we are using, and that is before we have to fuel our home, pay our bills, feed our family.

We get promised of free exposure and local papers will cover the event and so on, without sounding harsh or big headed , you found us and requested our services, so that’s enough exposure for us !

If you have a request for a charity, please feel free to send us an email telling us a little bit about why you are raising funds and what equipment you are looking for – we will not consider any requests for free equipment between 1st May and 30th September. Occasionally, if your charity strikes a chord with us, we may decide to offer you something for free within these dates, but as we have already said, we can only support a few local charities each year. Please don’t call us and put us on the spot – it makes us feel bad when we have to say no. We will only support charities with a registered charity number, so please provide that on your email when writing to us.

One thing we won’t be able to consider, and we’ve noticed that this is happening more and more often, is if a large multi-national company calls us asking us to support their chosen charity. If the company you work for has a turnover larger than some small countries and they want you to support a charity, then we feel it’s only fair that they should dip into their very large pockets and pay for the equipment – we’re happy to give a bit of a discount in the name of charity, but we don’t feel it’s fair that a company with a daily profit larger than our annual turnover should be asking us to provide free equipment. It’s great that they, as a company, want to support a charity and we applaud them for it, but please remember that whatever good cause you are raising money for, it is your chosen charity and not our chosen charity.

Sorry if that last bit makes us seem like misers, but as we mentioned at the start, we receive dozens of requests each week, so sometimes it’s necessary to lay down some ground rules that we feel are firm, but fair.

Keep raising money for all of your good causes and if we can, we’ll try to help you.

The Lil Rascals Team