Enquiry form FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions


How do i Book?

The easiest way is to enter all the details into the enquiry form

What do your packages include?

Please refer to our packages page to see packages and details and also check out our facebook page folder with all the information in also .

The form wont work for me why?

The form is designed to be mobile friendly as well as working all known tablets and devices , we have tested this theory extensively and have no problems, if you encounter an error the form will generate a link to let us know of the problem , if their isn’t a link then the error is more than likely with your device and browser, try clearing the browsers cache or rebooting your connection.

Why cant i enter more than one enquiry?

In short it takes up a lot of our server space , which in turn costs money to run, if we where to pay extra for this then prices would need to increase for parties and services., we also have it set too allow one enquiry per customer per date , why you ask. in short some people just get trigger happy and click everything , and then it also eliminates a lot of spam that sometimes tries to be filtered through making the server crash .

Why cant i enquire with out dates, times and venue?

Without these we believe your not ready to be booking services just yet , why? its quite simple you dont know what services or equipment you can actually have in a venue that you haven’t booked due to sizes etc , so if you agree to our services and when it comes to getting a suitable venue and its not available , we are then back to square one. we also need times as we sometimes can do up to 5 parties per day as  a team so everything has to run smoothly economically and geographically as possible, without doing this the costs of travel and services will have to be increased.

Why dont you price match?

We dont price match for the simple fact that we believe our prices are the best we can do them at , if someone can do them cheaper then that’s up to them but we dont and wont undersell ourselves or devalue the service we offer. Generally if you buy cheap you buy twice, someone who is dramatically cheaper than us and other reputable companies will be either doing it for pocket money and not declaring their earnings, or cutting corners when it comes to insurances etc.

Are you insured?

Yes we are covered for 10 million with our disco services and hold 5 million pli for all our other services, we also have full pat tested equipment also.

Why do I have to fill a form out?

Most of our work comes from social media, and with the messaging system built into these messages can get misread , or mis-communicated , for every 1 question you ask us we will more than likely have 5 back for you , as well as the friendly banter we have with customers thrown in the mix, so our online Booking/Enquiry form is the simplest way to get a fast response , you enter your details ONCE and you get a reply back to your email inbox the form is available 24/7 365 days per year.

I dont have an email address so i cant fill a form out

Are we talking on Facebook? “yes” then you sign into Facebook with an email address, which indicates you have an email address.

I cant access my emails what do i do ?

The easiest way is to do a password reset from your email provider or failing that take 5 minutes creating a new one.

How do I pay my deposit?

If you refer to your quote email the details of how to book are in their along with what happens next which includes how to pay.

Ive paid my deposit so ive messaged you to let you know

All though we love talking to you lovely lot, technology is advanced enough to notify me that  payment has been made and that it can send you a receipt to say you have paid , and if you have paid via www.lilrascals.info and used your login details to sign in, you will notice the price comes straight off your total.

Why is their a £4.58 charge on my quote ?

If choosing to pay off in full this isn’t required , but if choosing to pay off a party weekly we are hit with a charge of almost £13 so rather than put the price up off the packages , we have decided to include a surcharge *please note we offer an easier method of weekly payments via direct debit.

I don’t know whats included in the package can you send me details ?

In short please don’t click a package on the form if you don’t know whats included as you may get a shock when your quote arrives, and you see items that you haven’t requested, if you require to see packages please visit here

Can you send me pictures of your bouncy castles ?

Yes we could but we don’t need too as all our castles are listed on this very website you can find them here

These are just a few of the most asked questions